Today, hurricane Desmond has brought us a flotilla of sea-creatures called By-the-wind-sailors.  This happens every few years.  These beautiful blue jellyfish have two odd features. One is a curious triangular sail that enables them to cover vast oceanic distances.  The other is that they are either right or left handed.  The righthanded ones end up in Florida and the left-handed ones finish their lives on our beaches and in our rock pools.

Blown here by unusual trades

And wrecked on this curious shore;

Washed by these tidal cascades,

We’ll cross the wide ocean no more.


Our families  are far beyond reach:

They sailed on a contrary tide.

You can’t see so far from this beach

And the ocean is so very wide.


And for once we have no enemies,

In this pool with the sea anemones.


With the ebb and the sun’s fiery glare,

There’ll be not be a lot left to find.

Our bodies will transmute to thin air

Leaving naught but a shadow behind