Eve of War

The Shelley Theatre, Bournemouth. September 8th 2019 at 7.30

Poetry at Harris-Ment

Peter John Cooper in full flow.
A great evening and a great audience at Chaplins in Boscombe performing with Matt Harvey, Paul Canon Harris, Rich Broadbent, Kar Stanton, Bryony Reynolds. Photo: Howard Shepherd.

The Planet Kyarra

Soundscape of the planet soon to be heard on “Life and Death and Everything in Between”. A lot of work still to come, though.https://soundcloud.com/peter-john-cooper/kyarra-soundscape-loon-mix

Golden Cow Award

Delighted to have been awarded a Golden Cow at the Conical Sphere Awards Ceremony in Poole on 2nd April. For helping on The Light Project in Salisbury Cathedral last Christmas.

Rebellious Women

A shortened version of “Escaping the Storm” starring Jane McKell.

Escaping the Storm

It is almost exactly twelve months since I was commissioned to write (and subsequently direct) a play about the sex campaigner Marie Stopes for AsOne Theatre Company.  Well, the script is written, the actors are cast, the Designer is designing and countless others are doing the sort of things they do.  Tomorrow we start four days of development with a taster day at Portland Museum on Sunday.  This is about as exciting as it gets for a writer.  Apprehension mixed with joy.  An emotional high such as anyone else might get from… well… you know… a big chocolate cake.   I am (to mix in a few more images) like a bobsleigher pausing before pushing off towards what promises to be the thrill ride of a lifetime.  Wish us luck.

Mary Anning’s Fossil Depot

“Anning’s Fossil Depot” has just finished touring South West libraries.  This is the third version of the Mary Anning story that I have written for AsOne Theatre Company.  The first was “The Cabinet maker’s Daughter” (a reference to the description that Dickens wrote) and was an adult play centred round her last days dying of breast cancer.  This one was an altogether jollier affair for children and centred around her relationship with her brother Joseph.  I couldn’t have wished for a better   cast than Jane McKell as the somewhat straight laced Mary and Eltjo deVries as her wayward brother.  We had a lot of fun in rehearsal and it was one of those plays where the actors contributed hugely to the finished product.  The reviews and feedback forms were extremely pleasing.  Thank you AsOne.


Life and Death and Everything in Between

“life and Death and Everything in Between” is being prepared as part of BEAF for 6th May 2018.   your diaries. We’ve already had a few hours together on the narrative and music.  The next step is to firm up with Mermaids and some of the other voices.  I’ve got a wonderful team coming together and we’ll be dealing with elements of soundscape next and visuals (lighting and projection) after that.    If you still want to participate contact me and keep watching this space and the Facebook page Life and Death and Everything in Between.  Look on Eventbrite Tickets to book for either the 5 o’clock or the 7.45 show.

A Year’s Work

Well, that’s me pretty well booked up until this time in 2018.  A major commission for AsOne Theatre Company, (Details to follow when announced),  a year-long very interesting mentoring project, a project of my own for Spring 2018.  Oh, and a couple of submissions for other work between now and then.  I might even find a little time for some poetry and some little videos.  More information as and when.

Per Verse Poetry in Portsmouth

I’m delighted to be doing a complete set at Per Verse Poetry in Portsmouth this week.

Michael Birchmore invites you to join him for an enjoyable evening of poetry set in the superb surroundings of The Canteen, Old Portsmouth well known for its tasty snacks and light refreshments including locally sourced wines.
This month we will be welcoming Peter John Cooper who will be reciting some of his excellent poetry.
A number of his works are published online and in paperback and he can be seen performing in clubs and small theatres in London and his home town of Bournemouth. He is best know for his experimental work both as a playwright and a poet.
In this excellent venue we intend to have some fun with an open mic night so anyone who would like to read their own or anyone else’s work can do so.
You are very welcome to join in or just listen and enjoy a lively summer evening of verse.
Tickets are only £4 in advance from The Canteen or from Eventbrite https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/per-verse-poetry-tickets-34653377184
or £5 on the door.
If you would like further information contact Michael Birchmore: perversepoetry@gmail.com

The Canteen, Hotwalls, Portsmouth PO1 2FS