Poem of the Day

Here you’ll find a poem that I’ve written recently or perhaps one from a performance set that somebody’s asked to see again. This one I wrote in response to a series of images by film maker Jonnie Dean. ┬áJonnie then edited the footage to fit the words.┬áToday’s poem is called

Love Story in Peckham


Somewhere here there is a love story.

If you look

In the tilt of a face

In the dragging of a suitcase

This is a home place

A transitional space

Where things are

And things are not yet;

A time between that first look

And the first kiss

A breathless grace

In the homeward race

Between here and not there yet.

This homeless place

A negative space

Day for night

Shot through with light

Flaring from inside

Where we are moved

From looking To being looked at.

And somewhere here

In this breathless place

In the tilt of a face

There is a love story.