The Fisherman’s Daughter


The first performance of The Fisherman’s Daughter at The Warehouse Theatre, Weymouth.  Jane McKell as Moira, Beth Netherton as Jess and Harold the Seagull as himself.

Photo courtesy Andy Sherlock

Link to The Fisherman’s Daughter

Click here for link My new play for children “The Fisherman’s Daughter” opens at the Weymouth Leviathan Literary Festival on Sunday March 13th.  It is produced by AsOne Theatre and it’s going to be great.  Shipwrecks, storms, pirates and sea monsters and the story of a sad lonely girl befriended by an out of work librarian. Oh, and a one legged story telling sea gull.  Please book tickets now to avoid being disappointed.Fisherman's Daughter Warehouse, Wey_final_edited-7 [1427]