Longlisted for BBC Writersroom 10

A long time ago I sent a copy of “Pig Unit” to the BBC selection process known as Writersroom.


“Dear Peter On behalf of everyone in the BBC Writersroom team, we’d like to thank you for taking part in Scriptroom 10. We received over 3,100 drama scripts for TV, Radio, Film and Stage. This is the highest number of submissions we’ve ever received so we’re sure you’ll understand that the reading process has taken longer than expected and we’d like to thank you again for your patience. After reading the first 10 pages, your script was put forward to the next sift where the first 20-30 pages of scripts were then read by another reader and we are pleased to tell you that your script was longlisted. This means it progressed to the full read and feedback stage of the process, where a script reader read your script and provided comments. After the full read stage all decisions are made by BBC Writersroom staff. We look at the reports, discuss with the readers, and read the most promising scripts (the shortlist). BBC Writersroom staff may then invite the writer to come in for an interview with a view to being considered for suitable development opportunities. We will be back in touch in March/April with further news. In the meantime, congratulations again on reaching the longlist as this means your script reached the top 8% of all the submissions we received and it is a huge achievement to get this far. Best wishes, The BBC Writersroom Team”